What We Believe

We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. (2 Sam 23:2; Luk 1:70; 2 Tim 3:16; Heb 1:1; 2 Pet 1:20-21)
We believe that “God created the heavens and the earth” and that He sustains His creation by His power. (Gen 1:1, 11-12; Psa 33:6, 104:14; Heb 11:3)
We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. (Gen 1:26; Mat 3:16-17, 28:19; Eph 4:4-6; 1 Pet 1:2)
We believe that every person has worth as a creation of God, but all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. (Rom 3:23; Gal 3:22)
We believe the gospel is God’s power to save man from sin and that the gospel must be obeyed. (Rom 1:16; 1 Cor 1:18, 15:1-4; 2 Thes 1:7-10)
We believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and that He now sits at the right hand of God as mediator between God and man. (Acts 2:32-36, 26:23; Heb 10:12; 1 Tim 2:5)
We believe there is one mode and one type of baptism today. That one baptism is water baptism and the mode is by immersion (not sprinkling or pouring). (Eph. 4:5; Rom 6:3-4)
We believe that there is one body, the body is the church, and that the Lord adds the saved to His church. (Eph 1:20-23, 4:4; Col 1:18; 1 Cor 12:12-13; Acts 2:37-47)
We believe that Jesus Christ will one day return as the Righteous Judge and He will judge humanity according to His word. (Joh 12:48; Acts 17:31, Rev 20:12-13)

We exist to be a church progressively Reaching Up, Reaching In, and Reaching Out. By Reaching, we mean:

– Rescuing the lost by proclaiming the Gospel. (Matthew 28:19; 2 Corinthians 4:3-7)
– Equipping the saints to become empowered, fruit-bearing disciples. (Matthew 28:20; Ephesians 4:12; John 15:1-8)
– Aspiring to have greater fellowship with God and each other. (John 17:3; 1 John 17; Acts 2:44-47)
– Celebrating the Savior, our salvation and the work He continues to perform. (Acts 2:47; Psalms 9:1; Hebrews 13:15)
– Helping those in need. (Matthew 25: 31-46; Galatians 6:10)
– Improving our community through outreach. (Jeremiah 29:7; Galatians 6:10)